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Are you looking for a costeffective way to enter into the Nordic market?

Prorex Communication is the solution for your communication needs. With close to 20 years of press and PR experience, and with special emphasis on industrial and technical media, we know what you will need to succeed.

Prorex Communication has partnered with independent PR-companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, UK, France, Germany and Holland

Director Hans Christian Faerden has been partner in the PR-company Lynx here in Oslo. He has also held position as Editor-in-Chief of major industrial medias in Norway.

Contact information:

Prorex Communication
Lillehagv. 128
1365 Blommenholm

NB! New faxnumber!

Phone: +47 64009469
Fax:   +47 63014768
Mob:   +47 91756800



Hans Christian Faerden


+47 64009469 - +47 91756800 -
Lillehagv. 128 - 1365 Blommenholm - Norway